If no one agrees with your opinion it doesn’t mean your irrelevant.

It’s strange, isn’t it, how you never know you’re living the best time of your life at the moment you’re living it? If you could appreciate, at that instant, that this is it, maybe you’d make certain your mind imprinted every detail of the sights, smells, sounds and sensations.

Then again, maybe knowing that life will only get duller, sadder, less hopeful afterward would inject melancholy into that moment. You’d miss life’s peak experience by mourning it before it passes. 
So perhaps it’s best not to know.

i'm more excited on what will happen next on tv series than my life

kuya single ka po ba?

yeah. *cries*

hindi ko naman ginustong magkulong sa bahay ng buong araw. wala lang talaga akong pera pls.

“Some people, when they break. They can’t be put together again.”

me:  oh i'm a mess right now inside out

reminder: you can’t receive a nobel prize by staying on the internet the whole damn time

“But you’re losing your words. We’re speaking in bodies. Avoiding me and talking ‘bout you.”

petition: sana magka-netflix na sa philippines.

last exam na bukas yaay!

I always feel like people do not need me and it would be better if I disappeared.